Where Are We Growing Next?


Well, it’s official!  In two weeks, Team Comans is moving to Southaven, Mississippi.  Robbie will be in graduate school at the University of Memphis and I will become an employee of DeSoto County Schools.  And… Zooey will be having kitty fits, racing around her new space and graciously allowing her humans to stay there too.  For all of us, it is one big mixture of excitement and terror being in such a brand new place, but it is also good to have the peace of having “knowns” to work with.  For a while during Robbie’s application process, we had no idea what would happen or where we’d end up, and that part was not so fun.

I can’t tell you how good the folks at Guntown have been to us. Really. They’ve embraced us as part of the Tiger family. From a professional standpoint, I’ve learned from some of the most skilled educators I’ve met, and I’ve had time to work my craft almost like a fully-funded scientist.  On a personal level, I’ve got dear, dear friends here, and I hope that my journey allows me to cross paths with them many more times.  I’ve asked for regular updates as to how former students and colleagues are doing.  Go Tigers!

So, here we go.  They say you can never step foot in the same river twice- that things are always changing.  In the same way, I don’t think you ever wake up in the morning exactly the same person, twice, either.  This summer Robbie and I have made budget decisions, exercise goals, nutrition plans, and countless other personal choices determined to be better, healthier, more productive human beings in this “new chapter” of our lives, but it strikes me that this change only jumps out to me because we happen to be moving.  We all really have opportunities to grow and become better people every day, even if we haven’t experienced an obvious change in years.  So here’s to growth.  Here’s to grace.  Here’s to gratitude.

And there’s to Highway 78.

Y’all don’t just be good, now!  Y’all be even better, ya hear?


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