The first EdCampMemphis was fantastic! Definitely gonna have to take a friend or two with me next time.

One quick thing I wanted to do was share web tools and apps that I either heard about or saw demonstrated.  Sorry if it’s hard to understand. Next time you’ll just have to come to Ed Camp and see for yourself!  But in case you were curious, here are some awesome educational tools available these days.

Learning Management Systems

Kahoot – A game-based classroom response system. They gave me a free t-shirt!

Kidblog – Safe, simple blogs for kids.

MinecraftEdu – Gamification learning management system.

Seesaw – Documenting learning and communicating with parents.



Camtasia – Screen recording and video editing.

Explain Everything – Interactive whiteboard tool.

Mirroring 360 – Wireless screen sharing.


Learning Tools

Brain Pop – Lots of stuff.  Explore. – A site for learning how to write computer code.

Ed Puzzle – Turning videos into more than just videos.

Heads Up – A game app that becomes a drilling tool when you use its “Create your own deck” option.

Padlet – Create, collaborate, and make things interactive.

Thing Link – A cool program for making any image interactive.



Grade Cam – Quick assessment tool for using camera technology to grade.

Plickers – “Paper clickers”; you print out sheets for students to use as answering devices, and with a wave of your phone you get quick assessment.

Zip Grade – Quick grader for easy assessment.


Video/Presentation Production

Aurasma – “Augmented Reality”; like a QR Code on steroids.

Chatter Pix – App that allows kids to make pictures talk.

Scratch – Games and animation creator tool.

Shadow Puppet – Video creation app for sharing student work.

Storyboard That – Storyboard creator.

Voki – Speaking characters / Classroom management system.

Zaption – Interactive video creation.


English/Language Arts

Free Rice – Vocabulary game that donates rice toward ending world hunger. – Exactly what it sounds like.

Write About This – Visual writing prompt and creation platform.



The Concord Consortium – online games for a variety of science disciplines.

Elements 4D – an interactive chemistry teaching tool.


Social Studies/History

Fantasy Geopolitics – A way to make news competitive.  Kids have a mock draft with countries and then see which pop up in the news.

Geo Guessr – Interactive geography critical thinking game. Kids get plopped somewhere on Google Earth, in street view, and have to figure out where they are.

Newsela – News and nonfiction articles with options to change the Lexile level up or down.


Student Research

Attribution Xpert – Tool for embedding attribution metadata into photographs pulled from the web.


Professional Development

Google Educator Groups – Connect with educators in your area through Google technologies.


There! Enjoy! I’m gonna go take a nap.

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