Sort of a mission statement.

Just after I clicked “publish” on my first post of this blog, one of the first things that struck me about this process was the inherent vulnerability of exposing one’s unfiltered thoughts to the Internet. You see, I struggle with anxiety at times- not the fly-by-night worries or stress from situational factors- I’m talking about hardwiring in one’s brain to call up the negatives of a particular situation instantly.  It’s something I’ve gotten better at dealing with, and I’ll likely deal with it the rest of my life, but that’s not the point of this post.  I’ll go into it another time, perhaps.

I thought about the oddity of publishing an encoded blueprint of my brain to the world- because that’s what words are, you understand- thought codes- and it helped me appreciate why novelists work in that form.  In novels, there are characters and narrators to hide behind.  There is a smokescreen of artifice that provides plausible deniability for ideas that a writer may not want to forever connect with himself.  But here- it’s stamped on the website’s header, clear for all to see: crack this code and you’re inside my head.

And yet it really doesn’t bother me, which leads me directly into what well might be this blog’s mission statement: I, like you, like every other person, am a living, learning, growing thinker.  I am completely open to the changes that will come.  Anything I post on this blog is free material for debate and refinement. My personal life is different- I’ve been known to be stingy on social media with pictures and details of my life at home. But as far as my thoughts and views, literally everything I publish on this blog is open for challenge and debate.  As we learn through life, we’re only as smart as the wisdom we let in, and in order for that wisdom to permeate through us, we have to hold up our assumptions to scrutiny; the truth need not be silent, for if what we believe cannot hold up to testing, it probably isn’t true.

I approach things doggedly with this darned scientific brain God gave me.  Yes, I am a human being who believes in Jesus Christ, democracy, charity, the SEC, Netflix, Fiber One, and Q-tips, but don’t simply accept that because I believe in them, that my opinion is rigid and fixed. This blog is not here to serve as a platform for me to pontificate. It is here as my testing ground for possibilities. I seek the truth in all things; therefore I am eager to find out the impostors in my brain.  Challenge me! Correct me! Bring the evidence against my assumptions and we will grow together. I promise I will try to treat all with the respect that each of us deserves.

I firmly believe that no matter how smart I am, I’ll never be as smart as you and I are together.  That’s a mathematical fact, jack.  It works for you, too!  Try it! 🙂

Let’s explore together.  Let’s grow together.  Let’s use our crazy language powers to get inside each other’s brains and upgrade!

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