My Favorite Daredevil Season 1 Villain


Netflix’s new series based on Marvel Comics’ Daredevil is all the rage. Robbie and I checked out the first episode, got hooked, and the rest was history.  It’s got long journeys into the nature of good and evil, wonderful character development, and slow-brewing themes and plot threads that don’t pay off for several episodes.  It’s fantastic, and it’s really worth a watch.

These days, Marvel can’t seem to miss.  One of the great things about watching them develop one of their properties in live action media lately has been their proficiency at establishing strong villains. In Daredevil, one of these villains may have flown under the radar a bit, though, so I wanted to write a short post to point out what many viewers may have missed. That said, to discuss the villains in season 1 of Daredevil, I can go no further without some fairly serious spoilers.  This post is intended only for people who have finished season 1 of the show.  So past this point, there are major spoilers.  You may want to check out something else for now. Ok. You’ve been warned.

On the Daredevil series, one of the intriguing themes to watch has been the similarities between our hero and his villain. Both Matt Murdock and his nemesis Wilson Fisk are visionaries with troubled pasts. Both have big plans for their city. They want to “clean things up,” each in his own way.  A key difference, however, is Fisk’s willingness to kill to achieve his goals.

But there’s one other dogged idealist on the show, a cruel force to be reckoned with, who will stop at nothing to reform Hell’s Kitchen by any devious means necessary. And this villain is more dangerous, because even though Wilson Fisk stepped out of the shadows and revealed himself to the public, this villain remains a secret. Who is the hidden antagonist you say?


Why it’s Karen Page, of course, intrepid secretary for Nelson & Murdock!

Now- I have not read one panel of the original comic book series. All I have to go on is this series. But based on how she is presented, I have to conclude this sweet little dirt digger is a season 2 villain in the making. If Murdock is Daredevil and Fisk is Kingpin, I’m calling Page White She-Devil.

1. She is “dumb.” Waaaaay too “dumb.”

I mean Page is off the charts the dumbest character on this show. It’s almost as if she walked off the set of another comic book show *cough* Gotham *cough* and just can’t compete with these characters’ ability to reason and make decisions that protect themselves. Numerous characters tell her over and over again to stop poking the sleeping dogs she’s poking, but she refuses, placing herself in harm’s way over and over again. Is she really that dumb? Or is this a long con?

2. She is ruthless.

Reporter Ben Urich has a chart of playing cards representing all the dangerous characters of Hell’s Kitchen. Well, let’s call a spade a spade. In her infamous nursing home mission to dig up dirt on Fisk by talking to his mother, Page straight up manipulates Urich to go with her. She promises to help him with his sick wife as a cover to get him to go with her upstate on her personal recon mission.  How evil is that!  She gets him involved in securing her dirty info. Then, he takes the fall and she gets off scot free. That’s right. Cutsie corporate crusader girl got the best investigative reporter in New York murdered to further her ends. I’m telling ya: White She-Devil. Stay away!


Might as well.


3. She has positioned herself perfectly.

As her two main competitors for city cleanup have risen to power to battle each other, she has cozied up snugly in the HQ of the one who doesn’t kill people. Seems pretty convenient.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see her make a move next season, folks. That or the writers, who rocked everything else this season, just really served up one stinker of a character arc in Karen Page. I thought Deborah Ann Woll did a great job playing the part, but man oh man the character felt like the writers phoned her in.

Now.  All you comic book aficianados, school me.  This is probably just how she’s supposed to be, huh?  Please tell me she doesn’t actually get Ben Urich murdered in the comic, though.

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