Martian Dreams

This week, NASA announced that we have discovered liquid water on Mars.

This is astounding! This is a momentous day in Earth science history! It means probability of life! It means better chances for Earth explorers to go there!  I’ll… just… let Anthony Carboni from D News explain it.

I would like to share with you a YouTube video I’ve loved ever since I saw it. It’s a collection of statements from Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson on the importance of the space exploration program. I think it does a great job of summing up why I became a science teacher.

Dr. Tyson wants it to be more of a cultural revolution:

Well, just last week, American billionaire and entrepreneur Elon Musk discussed Mars exploration with The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert:

And some of our greatest scientific minds are talking about the logistics of engineering when it comes to Mars exploration.  Here’s Dr. Tyson, Bill Nye, and comedian Chuck Nice from the podcast Star Talk:

…Is it enough for the eggheads to be on board? Don’t we need it to really get pop culture behind it?  Hey, wait a second. What was the big Hollywood blockbuster that came out this weekend?  Oh yeah, it was The Martian, starring Matt Damon:

I’m pretty sure this is our first step as a species toward becoming like Star Trek and Star Wars. (Which, for me means “GOOD.”)

Could it be that there has been an awakening in America, for science? Could it be that we are dreaming again?

For all our sake, I hope so.

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  1. Ray

    Looking forward to movie. Recently listened to Amazon Audible book (great way to pass time on treadmill!). Wonderful opportunity for HS science teachers to use the engineering and science in projects.


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