Here’s to the Class of 2019

Desoto Central High, you’re getting some great 9th graders next year.

Of course, I can’t testify to the group taught by the other two science teachers- but if the crop they let me be with for 10 months is any indication, the Class of 2019 will be a great group for you.

I will miss this group of kids dearly.

  • 150301-news-better-call-saulYou’ll have students who go the extra mile to improve their community. There’s this one whose mom is a reader of my blog. I wrote one entry about wearing a tin foil hat, but not having the tin foil cape to complete the ensemble, and this guy got me one as a surprise!  You may not be crazy like me, wearing tin foil hats and so forth, but keep an eye out for him. He’ll keep an eye out for you.
  • You’ll have students who will make you laugh unintentionally. One morning, we were studying cell structures and functions, such as mitochondria, the cell membrane, the Golgi body, and the “endoplasmic reticulum.” One girl raised her hand and asked me if I could explain what was the “endoplasmic rectum.”  And you don’t even want to know what she asked when vesicles came up.
  • Some students you might not even get the chance to know for the first few months, because they’re just so dang quiet. One student was a silent, back row wallflower until at least November, when a chance rearrangement of the seating chart placed her on the front row.  I noticed her smiling at the little comments I’d make to myself, under my breath. Had I left her in the back, I never would have known we share the same sense of humor.
  • You’ll have some students who are too clever for their own good. Some of them will probably become pyschologists, because they love to psychoanalyze everyone, even their teachers. (Pro tip: Trying to explain to your teacher that your punishment was probably a result of a bad mood he was put in by his 1st period class, and he just took it out on you, is a cute trick, but it will never work. Ever.)
  • I even got rick rolled by a student this year.  One signed up for The Weekly Conversation, giving Rick Astley as his name.  A week later, we laughed about it in class, and I admitted he got me.  The crazy part is, he never unsubscribed!  He’s still receiving the emails!  Sharp as a tack, though.  You’ll enjoy having him in class.
  • Some of these students just have wonderful hearts.  One made me a friendship bracelet, and I wore it every day.  Not only did it remind me of her hard work and her artistic talent, but it served as a reminder of my debt to all my students.  It reminded me how dedicated so many of them are, and to always bring my best for those who brought me their best.
  • pencilsThere’s really too many good students to name. Smart ones- ones who taught me a lot of things. Fun ones- ones I’d look forward to seeing every single day. Hard-working ones- ones who would do all the extra work, every week. Courageous ones- ones who would never give up.

This group is also battle-tested.  They’ve been through the wringer of state testing.  So maybe cut them a break when you can.

But have fun with them.  Get to know them!  Enjoy your time learning with them.

So many of them asked me if I’d miss them.  Silly question.  Of course I’ll miss them.  They made my first year teaching middle school science, an absolute blast.

So have a great summer, and a great time in high school, Class of 2019!  It has been a wonderful year.

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