GEG Mississippi GHO Event: Flipping the Classroom


Exciting week in the Connected Educator world!

Last weekend, I was surfing Twitter for some cool education stuff, and I kept running across tweets about “Google Educator Groups.” I had seen some stuff about them, but I hadn’t yet been involved. Google is always coming up with apps and systems to help connect people, so I was curious about these as well. Here’s how they work: Google has a technology application called “Google Hangouts,” that are basically like Skyping with multiple people. It’s pretty easy to use if you’re familiar with G-Mail, and I’d be more than happy to “Hangout” with you if you’re curious about trying it out.

I contacted Dr. Will Deyamport of Hattiesburg via Twitter about getting involved with Mississippi’s GEG.  I wanted to see what was going on with it, and I wanted to learn from other educators via this technology. Dr. Will is the leader of Mississippi’s GEG.  He has a website he’s been running for many years, and is a leading tech guru for Mississippi education. Check him out. He’s got a lot of expertise to offer when it comes to this stuff.

Anyway, Dr. Will was gracious enough to not only let me sit in on his next GEG hangout, but to lead it with questions I had!

I was extremely excited, though I had no idea what I was really doing. I still don’t.  But the great thing is, when you get into connecting with other educators via the Internet, you don’t have to know what you’re doing at all.  Everyone is very forgiving, very encouraging, and very helpful. That was very much the case with Dr. Will and the two educators I got to hangout with Saturday, Sarah Thomas of Washington, D.C., and Jennifer Gwilt of Michigan.

If I could sell this Connected Educator thing to my colleagues who are not doing it, it’d be this:

You need nothing in the way of training, expertise, or common sense.  Just look at me!

The folks out there you’ll run into will help you.  They’ll encourage you.  They’ll take whatever you can offer.

I tried it Saturday, and I’m hooked.  I’m definitely going to be doing more, trying more, and offering more.


I will be doing a full post on flipping the classroom- what I learned through this wonderful opportunity, as well as what I’m about to learn when I implement some of it in my classroom.

In the meantime, get involved!  Check out Dr. Will’s website. Check out Sarah’s. Follow Jennifer on Twitter. Start talking, start asking, start learning.

If I can do it, you can do it!



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