Fallout For ME: A S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Guide to Self-Improvement


It’s fall at last! You know what that means! Time to fall…out… youknow, enjoy fall…outside! Get it?  Look, I have a (maybe) five week window for developing a jogging habit now that’s it’s October- now that we’re over with OH GOD IT’S JUST TOO HOT and not yet to OH GOD MY THROAT! THE FROZEN AIR BURNSSSSS US YES IT DOES!

I’m weak-willed, if you can’t tell. For me, self improvement takes patience, persistence, and a PLAN! In fact one of the things I’m best at is taking the pieces of self improvement failure from yesteryear, and rehashing it all into a fresh new optimism.

So today I’m putting into place a self improvement plan. And I’m sharing it with you! Since the mega-anticipated adventure video game Fallout 4 comes out in less than a month, this year’s Plan du Jour will be based on Fallout‘s S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute system.


Note: For the purpose of this self improvement plan, I’m assuming you’re also doing physical activity, reading, and regular chores daily. This is all in addition to basic improvement in physical and mental health. I recommend a 25% each plan: no matter how much time you have for self improvement, plan to devote 25% each to Working Out, Reading, Chores, and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. work. Or whatever you do. Adapt and Include. I happen to have about 2 hours a day, so I do 30 minutes of each.

1039772-bobblehead__strengthSunday is Strength day- the day your forte becomes fortissimo!

Since your physical improvement is separate from S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and shouldn’t be limited to one day, here we’re talking about improving your inner strength and the things you’re good at. Appropriately enough for many, in this plan it falls on Sundays.

Think positive thoughts. Work on improving your existing strengths. Here’s an example of what your first Strength day might look like:

1. Figure out your key strengths as a person. Take a personality or aptitude test if you need to.

2. Develop a plan to improve your strengths. Do what you do, and do it better!

Bobblehead_PerceptionMonday is Perception day- the day you hone your “spidey senses”!

You experience the world through your senses, so why not commit to gradually getting better at it? This day is about how you access the world around you, and to what degree you are sensitive to it.

Look at art!

Work on your listening skills!

Try exotic foods!

Take up meditation to strengthen your senses!

Listen to a popular album you’ve never heard before!

Expand your awareness by taking a virtual trip!

Try some creative writing to imagine life in another person’s skin!

Develop your empathy by reading alternative points of view!

Tuesday is Endurance day- the day you ditch the dead weight!Bobblehead_Endurance

Tuesday’s going to be about trimming the fat. It’s a good thing too, because sometimes Tuesday feels like the longest distance away from a weekend possible. Hang in there!

In Fallout 3, Endurance is connected to the Big Guns and Unarmed skills. You likely won’t be fighting off raiders on a regular basis in the suburbs, so what are these skills really about? They’re about using maximum force to solve a problem, and surviving on your own.

So here’s what we’re going to do. On Tuesdays, identify the dead weight in your life that’s dragging you down and apply your own brute force: eliminate it.

Clean out the fridge!

Delete the spam from your email account!

Got some junk cluttering up the garage? Throw it out!

Got an unhealthy habit that plagues you? This is the day to figure out how to cut it out of your life.

Bobblehead_CharismaWednesday is Charisma day- the day you get richer and more likable!

Fallout 3 associates Charisma with the Barter and Speech skills.

So, two options today! Maybe you alternate from week to week.

A. Work on improving your financial skills. Optimize your budget. Read a Dave Ramsey book. Work on your taxes.

B. Improve your relationships with other people. Catch up on correspondence. Go shopping for gifts. Think up nice things you could do for others this week.

Thursday is Intelligence day – Repair & Upgrade time!Bobblehead_Intelligence

This day is Repairs & Upgrades day. Fallout 3 associates Intelligence with Medicine, Repair, and Science. So we’re going to take those as inspiration for you to be smart about how you improve your life.

Medicine: Your health should be a daily improvement, but for an extra, once-a-week upgrade, we’re going to improve your health by accomplishing an Extra Cleaning Task. This is like a spring cleaning, only once or twice a month.

Repair: Simple. Repair something. Cultivate a knack within yourself for fixing things.

Science: Get smarter. Apply scientific principles to “upgrade” one thing. Make your life better using your Intelligence.

Bobblehead_AgilityFriday is Agility day- the day you stretch yourself!

It’s time to work on the Flexible You, the Versatile You- you as the chameleon.

In Fallout 3, Agility is associated with Small Guns and Sneak. Precision in secret. So let’s take this opportunity to work on a secret weapon in your life.

What’s a skill you lack, but need? Work on it today.

What’s a new area of growth you desire for yourself? Cultivate it in secret today.

Saturday is Luck day- the day you give yourself the edge!100px-Bobblehead_Luck

Some people think Luck cannot be improved. I happen to disagree. You can actually improve your luck with proper planning and effort.

They say luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. We’ve spent six days improving your preparation. Now we’re going to improve your opportunities.

Use today to optimize your calendar and create a checklist for the upcoming week. Your time is limited. Plan for effective use of it. We’re going to put your preparation in contact with as many opportunities to shine as possible and as a result, you’re going to find more and more successes in your life.

The result of this progression?

Every week, your strengths get a little stronger. You change your perspective. You get a little “leaner and meaner.” You get better with money and your relationships get closer. You fix broken things and upgrade others. You explore new areas of growth. And finally, you find opportunities to share your growth with the world.

You’ll be leveling up to a new you in no time!


Just…sing the Level Up fanfare for yourself in your head.

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