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Losing the Conversation, Anti-42ers Call for Silence

This week, the Initiative 42 “debate” has adjourned for some sort of intermission. Team Status Quo (the Anti-Funders) have abandoned their usual talking points in favor of a silent campaign. In fact, they seem to be growing desperate. When confronted by the actual FACTS,…
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The New Carpetbaggers: “Empower Mississippi”

Mississippi, we’ve got to discuss this group called “Empower Mississippi.” In case you’ve never heard of them, Empower MS is a political group pulling the strings behind some of the biggest political races in the state. Armed by their financial wing, Empower…
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Fed Up, Mississippians Deserve Answers From Jackson

This week, we learned ACT Aspire, the Common Core test supported by the Mississippi Association of School Superintendents, backed out of the bid process for Mississippi’s testing contract after new restrictions were placed on the vendors. There’s allegations of conflicts…
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