Monthly Archive: December 2014

Seeing Common Core from Central Office: An Interview With Leigh Anne Newton

Education has become a hot-button political issue in Mississippi. Given the gripes with Common Core and the growing support for a constitutional amendment forcing the legislature to fully fund the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, there is no shortage of issues…
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Chemistry 2014: Creative Group Work

2010 MISSISSIPPI SCIENCE FRAMEWORK, GRADE 8 Content Strand: PHYSICAL SCIENCE: Apply concepts relating to an understanding of chemical and physical changes, interactions involving energy, and forces that affect motion of objects. Objective 2b. Predict the properties and interactions of given elements… Managing…
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Scientific Inquiry 2014: Investigating Relationships

2010 MISSISSIPPI SCIENCE FRAMEWORK, GRADE 8 Content Strand: INQUIRY: Draw conclusions from scientific investigations including controlled experiments. Objective 1a: Design, conduct, and analyze conclusions from an investigation that includes using experimental controls. Before last year, I had never taught a student with whom I…
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